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I absolutely love this office. Everyone is so professional and pleasant!!! I come here as an adult for both orthodontist and regular dental appts. I could not be happier with Dr. Dan… He truly cares about his patients, their comfort, and happiness…

Brooke Jones

Relocating to a new area with 3 children can be challenging but with a friendly staff and great care of Dr. Dan, my kids love visiting the office. Plus the office is more like a Hollywood Studio then a dental office… Since we’re there at least once a month, it’s nice to be in a friendly environment where kids can sit, relax and watch a movie while they are worked on…

Bharati Shah

I love this place. The dentist is great but so is the staff and the ability to watch a movie while getting your teeth cleaned is a perk….My daughter loves to go in every month to get new colors for her bands. She actually posts on Facebook every time she comes back about how much she loves it…

Karen Vazquez

Dr. Dan and his team are wonderful! I highly recommend this office if you are looking for a great Orthodontist and a great team that is very attentive to your needs for braces or kid dental. I always appreciate the extra attention Dr. Dan gives to each of his patients… Glad we found a dentist for life for my family.

Dave Kothari

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