Why Choose A Board Certified Orthodontist?

A board certified orthodontist has had more time and schooling to learn more than other dentists and orthodontists. A board certified orthodontist must go through hundreds of hours of training on top of their standard education. These special orthodontists are certified by the American Dental Association. They complete their graduate programs to receive their DDS or DMD as usual, but they also complete a residency that takes an additional 2-3 years. During these years, they receive intense training that includes written and oral exams and seeing lots of patients. This residency immensely increases their overall orthodontic skill and knowledge.

Why Choose A Board Certified Orthodontist?

When you choose a board certified orthodontist, you choose a physician that is dedicated to providing the very best care to their patients. They were willing to put in more work and more time than other doctors do, and they have knowledge and specific skills that not all dentists have. The American Dental Association requires orthodontists to be 100% committed to excellence if they want to be board certified.

Some of the other things that make a board certified orthodontist different are:

  • Top 20%: Only about 20% of orthodontists complete every part of the residency to become a board certified orthodontist.
  • Always Knowledgeable: You can also trust your board certified orthodontist to keep up-to-date on the latest in dental technology and treatments, because he or she is required to renew their certification every 10 years.
  • More Variety: Your board certified orthodontist has extensive knowledge about treatments and solutions for your dental needs that other orthodontists do not.

You deserve only the best in orthodontic care. Dr. Dan of Showtime Smiles® is a board certified orthodontist. He went through the extra training and tests so that he can serve you to the best of his ability. Give us a call to set up your appointment with this qualified dentist today.