A Quick Guide for Parents Regarding Teeth Whitening for Children

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Few things can brighten a room, or even an entire day, the way a child’s smile can. It’s just so pure and full of innocence, with perhaps a healthy splash of mischief mixed in for good measure. But what if those pearly whites aren’t looking quite so pearly and white? Is teeth whitening an option for children?

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Ideally, there would be no need for teeth whitening because they would just be white to begin with. Different things can cause teeth to become discolored though, even in children. Food and drink are often common culprits. Poor dental hygiene, tooth decay, nerve damage, and trauma can cause discoloration as well. So can excess fluoride consumption or vitamin supplements (or other medications) that contain iron.

Teeth Whitening Options

Toothpastes are a good way to keep your child’s teeth white to begin with. Beyond that, there are toothpastes that may be able to help whiten their teeth with regular use. When it comes to other products, children should avoid using teeth bleaching products. Hydrogen peroxide products are a better option. Check any products to make sure they are appropriate to use for your child. That said, the best option is to go to your child’s dentist and have him or her handle the teeth whitening process. They have the expertise to know how to whiten your child’s teeth safely without doing undue harm to them. Not that you ever would on purpose, but accidents do happen sometimes.


In order for teeth whitening to be an appropriate procedure for your child, there are some criteria that should be met first. To start, your child’s baby teeth should have all fallen out first, and the permanent teeth should have erupted. This means that they will likely wait until they are about 13-14 years old before they should be having their teeth whitened. Beyond that, their enamel should be fully calcified and any necessary orthodontics treatments should be completed first.

A whiter, brighter smile can do wonders for your child’s confidence. It’s no wonder that you may be inclined to do whatever it takes to help them feel good about themselves. It’s only natural for you to feel that way as their parent. If you choose to have your child’s teeth whitened, make sure it is done with appropriate supervision. Be sure to protect the teeth from injuries and encourage them to brush their teeth regularly, especially after consuming foods and drinks that could cause discoloration. This will help them keep their smile beautiful for years to come.

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