The Process of Applying Traditional Braces


So you’ve decided that your child needs braces. Or maybe you need them yourself. In either case, the more you know, the better prepared you’ll be to deal with them, starting with the process of applying them. So what should you expect when traditional braces are being applied to either you or your child?


Depending on the way the teeth are, the preparation for having traditional braces applied could start about a week beforehand with spacers or rubber bands being placed around the back teeth. This helps create enough space around them for bands that will be placed around the back molars to anchor the braces. When the time comes to have the braces applied, the teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and dried prior to starting the process.

The Process

The first step in applying traditional braces is to glue on the brackets. A small amount of glue will be put on the center of each tooth and set. Then the bracket will be placed on the tooth. The next step is to place the metal bands around the back molars. Once again, glue will be applied and set, after which the bands will be slid on. After that, the archwire will be attached to the brackets and anchored with small rubber bands placed around the bracket. Then the ends will be cut to make sure that they aren’t touching the gums in the back of the mouth.

What to Expect Immediately Afterward

It’s pretty normal to feel some discomfort within a couple of hours of getting braces. It could last for a few hours or for a few days. OTC painkillers can help alleviate discomfort. Consuming soft foods that are easy to chew can help minimize any pain induced by eating for the first few days. Things like scrambled eggs, fish, oatmeal, yogurt, soft cooked vegetables, mashed potatoes, ice cream, smoothies, bananas, and macaroni and cheese can be good choices during this time. If the braces rub at the mouth and create sores, try applying dental wax to cover those parts of the braces.

Understanding the process of having traditional braces applied tends to help people feel more comfortable about getting them. It’s easier to not feel nervous about something when you know what to expect, after all. Just think – once they’ve been applied, having a gorgeous smile is that much closer..

Now that you have braces, do you know what happens next? Learn about Life with Braces so you can more easily navigate this aspect of your life..

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