What Makes Pediatric Dentistry Unique?

Serious concentrated young female dentist in mask and gloves examining childrens teeth in dental room, redhead girl with toy keeping mouth open at checkup

You know that going to see the dentist on a regular basis is an important part of taking care of your teeth. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an adult, or a child. Everyone needs to see the dentist regularly. When you’re a child, however, you have a unique option available to you. You can see a pediatric dentist. But what makes a pediatric dentist any different from a regular dentist?


All dentists spend years learning and training so they can not only do their job, but do it well. Did you know that a pediatric dentist takes it a step further? They complete all the regular training and education required to be a dentist, as well as two to three years of additional training specifically designed to teach them how to work well with children. This equips them with the knowledge they need in order to handle the challenges related to the rapid growth and development children experience.


Have you ever really looked at your child’s toothbrush and compared it to yours? It’s a lot smaller, isn’t it? That’s because it needs to be in order to fit into your child’s mouth for a proper cleaning. Similarly, pediatric dentists have special child-sized tools that are designed to better fit the mouth of your child. This makes the cleaning experience a lot more comfortable for the child and easier for the dentist.

Child-Centered Focus

The differences between children and adults are many and fairly nuanced. Pediatric dentists understand those differences and allow them to influence the atmosphere in their office as well as their behavior. This child-centered focus helps children be much more comfortable emotionally when they go in for a visit. Fear management techniques, being prepared for children with special needs, and a fun atmosphere make a pediatric dentist a safe option for your child. Plus, who doesn’t want to watch movies on a huge screen when getting their teeth cleaned?

If you want to have the best care possible, it only makes sense to get it from someone who’s specially trained to work with you and your needs. That’s why it’s such a good idea for children to be seen by a pediatric dentist. Their training, equipment, and child-centered focus gives them the edge when it comes to giving your child the best dental experience possible.

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